10 consejos para reactivar tu negocio freelance como diseñador



10 Tips For Freelancer to Work Again When Business is Slow or Dry

1)Update your portfolio Creating a portfolio of your work and then keep on updating it is one of the most important things you can accomplish as a freelancer. Unluckily, very few freelancers create and update their portfolios because they find the process frightening or think their work is not good enough to be included in a portfolio. Assembling a portfolio is not the daunting or frightening task it is thought to be but it takes a little bit time of yours. So in your dry times you can do this work of updating your portfolio so that you can add new things which you have done. In this way people will get to know about your more skills and capabilities.

2) Look at your marketing efforts When you create something and want it to be known and reachable to everyone, what you need to do is to advertize your thing in an effective manner. Like here, as we are talking about working as a freelancer, you should have a look that how you are marketing yourself, your skills now. And what needs to be done more, so that everyone should get to know about your capabilities. For example you should make it sure that you are represented in social media, try making new and attractive offers etc.

3) Try to Target on Potential Niches It is a reality that a person usually uses less than ten percent of his capacity to think and to use his brains. This means that if a person can find the right illumination or encouragement, there is a lot of room for more creativity and thinking. A person who is alone can’t think that much because he only has his own ideas to spring back. But if that person will be in a group can come up with some new ideas like if we talk about freelancer, if he’ll read blogs of other writers, it is possible that some new ideas might popup in his head which he would not have thought of while thinking alone. Brainstorming sessions are sure to come up with plenty of ideas that can be used for a business like freelancing.

4) Build Plans for the Future No doubt sometimes some lucky people get opportunity at once to get benefit out of it. But luck doesn’t support everyone at the time he or she wants. So it’s better to take precautionary measures in a way that every one of us should try to figure out that what he wants to do in his future. Planning is very necessary to be successful in one’s life, because it gives you direction somehow that where you should exploit your skills. So it is also one of the ways to keep yourself busy in your dry days.

5) Contact Recent Clients This is such a thing which shouldn’t be missed by any freelancer as it really helps you out in reminding others of your work and also reminds them of things they have that need to be done by you. Secondly such clients also get very happy with this contact because it gives them a feel that they are remembered and honored in such a way. So you shouldn’t miss contacting such clients in your slow days.

6) Update your own blog/website This is such an activity which needs to be done if you have your own website or a blog. Updating the website is very necessary thing as you want the interest of your readers to be built for your website. In addition to that many missing things which you thought once to add in your website to make it more attracting but couldn’t, because of lack of time. So you should take the advantage of your dry times to update your website/blog.

7) Enhance Your Skills It is a fact that no one is perfect in this world, though you may have many skills and capabilities but still there is a room of improvement. So in your dry times what u need to do is to enhance your skills by going through internet, reading magazines, watching videos related to your work of interest so that you can get different and innovative ideas which you can utilize in future by working as a freelancer.

8 ) Work on long-time projects At times as a freelancer, you might get a lot of work to be done on short notice, because of which it gets difficult for you to finish the long terms projects which u got already with deadlines. So in such dry days, you get a good opportunity to finish such kind of long projects which will keep you busy.

9) Work on personal projects As a freelancer, the kind of blogs for which you are working, might be you got other interests too for which you can work. So if you don’t get work routine wise then you not need to worry about. Start doing work on projects of your personal interest, then you can publish them too and can earn money. In addition to that you can also add this thing in your portfolio which can show that you are very versatile.

10) Apply Your Self as Writer If you want to make new connections and want world to know you then internet is the right place. Being creative you can work and write on many things of your interest as you can get many opportunities to be hired as a freelancer. So in such dry days don’t sit idle, rather start writing on different quality things because they can benefit you sooner or later. CONCLUSION So after reading the above mentioned tips, you can conclude that it’s not that much difficult to spend your dry times while working as a freelancer because you can utilize your skills in many different ways, can complete your pending works and can avail your precious time by doing works of your interest. So one shouldn’t get bore in his dry days, rather taking benefit from all these tips. I wish you found some of them helpful and as always I would love to hear your feedback and your own tips in the comment section below.

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